The Dead Isles of Altarin

My first “campaign” was over. The Savage Front campaign, in my eyes, had been a failure caused by me, the Dungeon Master. Under ten sessions long, one total party kill, and a few failed plots was enough for me to end the story and start a new campaign. Did I quit? Yes. Looking back, I could have handled it much better and saved the Savage Front without beginning something new. Alas, that’s not what happened; instead, me and my friends began a new campaign called the Dead Isles of Altarin. This time, I decided against doing mountains of preparation beforehand and instead started with a simple idea: an archipelago ruled over by a trio of three liches called the Dread Admirals. Under them, common folk lived and thrived but a revolution was slowly brewing against the undead. As the party entered the world, they’d have to take a side and decide the fate of the Dead Isles of Altarin. This campaign, I was going to prepare little, improvise a lot, and go with the flow of the story. Well, how…

A New Journey

Well met, fellow dungeon masters and adventurers.

Yesterday, I officially began a new venture, yet another leg in my quest to become a prominent voice in the Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying game community. I created a plan for YouTube and posted my first, official video to my channel (aptly named RJD20).

This premiere video is the first in a series that will be known as Legendary Lessons TL;DR. This series will go over all of my Legendary Lessons articles, extracting the most important information from them and streamlining the content for those who don't enjoy reading as much as they enjoy watching content. In addition, the videos will be more personalized and contain more anecdotes from my home games.

Please check it out! If you like the video, subscribe for more. If you don't, tell me why!

In other news, as some of you probably know, I'm married! We've been together for nearly eight years now and moved into our first apartment two weeks ago. I'm incredibly excited to begin this new journey with her by my side - and absolutely loving living in a home that I can call ours.

I also hit 300 Twitter followers last week, a milestone many may scoff at. Nonetheless, 'twas an incredibly happy moment for me!

Looking Forward 

For those of you who are interested, my general content cadence, both here and on YouTube, will be as follows:
  1. Monday: New article on
  2. Friday: New video on the RJD20 YouTube channel
  3. Everyday: D&D tips, tricks, and content on the various RJD20 social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, et cetera)
In addition to Legendary Lessons TL;DR, I'm doing a series called #My30DayWorld, in response to a challenge by Absolute Tabletop - a challenge that I was late in completing due to finals, a new job, and my wedding. I'm also going to live stream session prep and actual play D&D, as well as begin a series on building a world after I finish the aforementioned #My30DayWorld.

I genuinely hope you are all interested and enjoy the content I'm putting out. If you have any comments, suggestions, or hardcore critiques, leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter.

Until next time, fare thee well!

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  1. Congratulations on your marriage, I am absolutely certain it was a joy filled and loving event:).

    This is obviously a labor of love, the commitment and enthusiasm is infectious. I enjoy the content and the schedule allows me to carve out some time to see what RJD20 has to offer for my adventures. I can say even though I have been a DM for 30 years, I am learning from this content - outstanding, please keep it up!!!


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