RJD20 Reimagined

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work on a strenuous endeavor. Piece by piece, page by page, RJD20 has been reimagined. From my Facebook page to the site itself, everything is up-to-date and communicates what I imagine RJD20 to be: a modern, helpful compilation of everything I know and think about Dungeons & Dragons designed to propel the knowledge of D&D players new and old. If you’ve noticed the redesign, are completely new here, or just want to take a tour of the new RJD20, journey below!

The RJD20 Website

The home base. This is where you can find everything I’ve ever written, organized chronologically, on proper pages, or all set up in a specialized begin here article. Every week, you can expect a new article to appear about D&D, RPGs, or something sure to spur your creativity. Visit the individual pages to see a complete collection of my three main series.
Alongside these series, I've also recategorized my other articles into the following groups: Acute Adventures, Best Bits, D&D History, Introspective Time, Review, and Tales of Galen. More will come, we'll have to wait and see what else is on the horizon.

If you are interested in learning more about my journey, you can also read the brand new about page!

The RJD20 Facebook Page

A spot for everyone. This is where you can find various posts about my articles, my home-game, and anything else D&D-related that’s interesting and on Facebook. You can expect a few posts a week here, curated for those who enjoy this platform.

The RJD20 Twitter

RJ’s thoughts. This is where you can not only discover tweets about my articles, but my thoughts about then newest D&D and RPG news. It’s unfiltered and off-the-cuff. You can expect at least a tweet a day here, if not more.

The RJD20 YouTube Channel

Don’t like reading articles? Don’t worry, you can find them here. This is where you can listen to my articles read aloud, one at a time. In addition, there’s some lore and Path of Exile content I create out of pure passion.

The RJD20 Patreon

Help the website grow for $3 per month! This is where you can see exclusive views into my homebrew campaigns (including ALL of my notes), vote on the next articles and videos, and get first-looks at my upcoming supplements. You can expect at least one post a week of patron-only treasures. All the contributions go toward more articles, videos, and supplements by RJD20.

Releases on the DMsGuild

A few weeks ago, I released my premier supplement for D&D and RPGs! Introducing Villain Backgrounds Volume I, a book that helps Dungeon Masters mold the perfect foil to their player characters. This is but the first of many supplements to be created, and I hope you check it out, read it through, and leave a review if you enjoyed it!

The Worldforger Workshop Facebook Group

Time to build a world! This is where you can forge your world, one question at a time. Every day, I posit a question to this group’s members and everyone answers the question as it relates to their world. It’s an awesome, active group; join us!

RJD20 will continue to grow, week after week, month after month, year after year. January 12th, 2021 marks three years of what started as a tiny little column. I cannot wait to see how much more it evolves.

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting me.

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