Villain Backgrounds Volume I

Last year, I released my first Dungeons & Dragons supplement: Villain Backgrounds Volume I, a small book all about creating compelling villains for your D&D campaigns and adventures. About twenty minutes ago, I realized I'd never written an independent article about it on my site. Now's better than never!

What is it? Well...

In D&D, player characters are the protagonists of the campaign or adventure. They roam the world, explore dungeons, slay monsters, and interact with diverse and interesting characters. Driving the PC's forward and instigating reactions from them are villains, the antagonists of the story. Most PC's are well-thought out and have compelling personalities. Their menacing mirrors should be the same.

Villain Backgrounds Volume I is a supplement for D&D 5e and other RPGs designed to assist Dungeon Masters in building villains who are as layered as the PC's. Like the backgrounds initially included in the Player's Handbook and built open in new books, the heinous backgrounds herein include in-depth descriptions of villain types, various inspiration tables, and example villains rolled with them.

Whether you want to create an intriguing villain in a few minutes or spend an evening constructing the perfect foil to your party, you will find what you need inside Villain Backgrounds Volume I.

The villain backgrounds in this particular volume are: the Boorish Thug, the Elder Entity, the Fallen Angel, the Mad Researcher, the Misguided Fool, and the Psychopath.

The Supplement So Far

Right now, it's a copper best seller on the Dungeon Masters Guild, and I'm striving for silver. It has been received well; a follow-up supplement is likely.

I think I'll include a piece of art or two, stat blocks for the unique villains within, and a brief section on how I tend to run villains.

The supplement is pay what you want, so pick it up and let me know what you think in the comments or on one of my pages. I welcome any constructive criticism.

Until the next encounter, farewell!

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