Acute Adventures: The Horror of Kwaka

Greetings and salutations, dungeon masters and dungeoneers.

This week, I'd like to introduce you all to another project I'm starting on Acute Adventures. In this series, I'll be writing concise adventures for you and me to run at our Dungeons and Dragons tables! Eventually, I'll bind them into a book to post onto the DMs Guild or DriveThruRPG. For now, they'll be posted here every Wednesday.

Today's adventure uses vegepygmies, the monster discussed in this week's Musing Over Monsters article.

Without further ado, onto my first Acute Adventure: The Horror of Kwaka.

Let's roll.
The Horror of KwakaA tiny village nestled in the dense jungle of Iwanagig is locked in a state of horror as an already frightening monstrosity haunts them, returned to life with blight and brawn. This is a short adventure for player characters of levels 1-3 using the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons rule set.

If you would prefer reading in .pdf format, here's a lin…

Vegepygmies: The Forgotten Fungi

It’s Monday night. I’m preparing for this week’s Dungeons and Dragons session located in my homegrown world of Aelonis. This particular campaign is based on Wizard of the Coast’s menacing adventure module, Tomb of Annihilation, and the PCs are currently on their way to my world’s equivalent to Port Nyanzaru, the great emerald city of Syroli. Sadly, their elemental airship was sabotaged by a sinister dragonborn and the party crash-landed on a tiny islet off the coast of the mainland named Zaza Isle. The politics and people on the island are inconsequential to the rest of the world, but vital to the party. A grung tribe lead by a zealotus queen is locked in constant combat with a tribe of vegepygmies, all while an insane, immortal, and trapped elf druid observes from an overgrown tower - and the grung hold the party’s airship crew captive. Luckily for the crew, the party is ready to assault the grung village for a second time, seeking to save the few crew members that survived the airsh…

A New Journey

Well met, fellow dungeon masters and adventurers.

Yesterday, I officially began a new venture, yet another leg in my quest to become a prominent voice in the Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying game community. I created a plan for YouTube and posted my first, official video to my channel (aptly named RJD20).
This premiere video is the first in a series that will be known as Legendary Lessons TL;DR. This series will go over all of my Legendary Lessons articles, extracting the most important information from them and streamlining the content for those who don't enjoy reading as much as they enjoy watching content. In addition, the videos will be more personalized and contain more anecdotes from my home games.
Here's the link:
Please check it out! If you like the video, subscribe for more. If you don't, tell me why!
In other news, as some of you probably know, I'm married! We've been together for nearly eight years now and …

Myconids: The Mystical Mushrooms

It’s Wednesday night. I’ve finally arrived home from a long day at school, performing complex calculations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. My mind is boggled, my brain exhausted, and my fingers ache with mathematical frustration. Yet, as I boot up Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark and hear the familiar main menu music, all the confusion and pain fades. It’s time for eight year old me to relax. I load into my favorite world, a place of myriad magic items and god-like characters: Lost Souls. The last time I logged on I was wandering through a mystical forest rife with mushroom-folk and vegepygmies. They were strong-willed and possessed magics unknown to me. The creatures utilized their spores to bring my character to a deep sleep, rattle their mind, and utterly annihilate me. This time, though, I knew they would be conquered; I’d prepared for their psionic barrages, their use of fungi-juju, and the endless swarms of them that were assuredly ready to wail on …

Reality Versus Fiction in D&D

It’s Friday night. Two new players are being introduced into Altarin campaign, a rowdy romp through a slew of sea-stranded islands and pirate parties. The group has been on a quest to find pieces of an ancient, powerful gauntlet capable of destroying a lich’s phylactery and controlling legions of undead. Their mission has brought them to the sea, to the Foredoomed Spire, a sunken tower built by a cabal of storm giant wizards; within waits a missing piece of the gauntlet. However, the tower rests on the ocean floor, miles below the surface. The party hatches a plan to use their newly-acquired sea elf companions and their underwater-capable vessel to barrel to the bottom of the ocean and then enter the giant’s tower. They begin their descent, water racing past them, tropical creatures rushing around them, when a player pipes up, “Shouldn’t the water pressure be killing us? What’s going on here?” My description stopped, my face swelled, and my mind was stumped. He’s right, I thought. Bu…

Go Tombdoral: A Project on the Side

Greetings, folks.

For the past year, I have been a part of a team of developers seeking to create a text-based adventure game. The project is called Go Tombdoral and it uses the Unity engine. Yesterday, we released our website,, and posted our first blog about the game and our progress on it. In addition, we released a demo of Go Tombdoral.
To describe the game simply, I'd say the following:
Go Tombdoral is a text-based adventure game in which you take control of one of five characters and delve into the game world's greatest dungeon, Tombdoral, to emerge as the greatest adventurer of all time. Within Tombdoral, players wits, reflexes, and typing skills are tested as they help their character navigate a series of traps, puzzles, and monsters.
It's a simplified and streamlined roleplaying game using the text-based format and it's rather entertaining - and we need playtesters. 
The demo is out with the game's first two levels; the characters are voiced,…

Thri-Kreen: The Mind Mantids

It’s Friday night. The Enoach group is investigating strange happenings around the Storm Temple of Talos in the rich desert town of Asudem. Sentient weapons, sacks of gold, and far more are being stolen from locations such as the Sandstone Arcanum, the Shrine of Zet, and the Eight Goldmen Bank in Asudem. Believing the source to stem from the Storm Temple, the party decides to stake outside of the great stone structure. Night falls and the many moons of Aelonis fade into view. At first, nothing happens. The air remains dry and silent, the dragonborn of the party begin to get drowsy, and the moons glow faintly in the decorated sky. Then, Rhozur, a blue dragonborn monk portrayed by Gerald Steckley, hears a slight clicking noise, followed by a high hiss. Both are nearly inaudible. Rhozur perks up and peers at the temple.

Atop the structure’s roof is the silhouette of a large being with many limbs. In two, the creature wields long, spear-like weapons, curved at their tips. It spots Rhozur …

Accepting the Flow

It’s Friday night. Everyone’s gathered around the table. Tonight is my group’s first delve into Dungeons and Dragons in years. We’re playing fifth edition and I’m the dungeon master. I have a few notes, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and my dice pushed behind my third edition DM screen - I’m ready to go. We begin outside a small farming village, and the group roleplays for the first time in a while. People laugh, roll some dice, and awkwardly move their way toward the village. Eventually, they arrive and see that the village is under siege by kobolds, robed humans, and an enormous blue dragon - oh my! Being the righteous adventurers that they are, the group bumbles into the fray, slaying kobolds and fighting their way toward the village’s keep. They make it, meet with the mayor, and decide to stake out on the battlements. As darts and rocks from the kobolds on the ground below fly past the group, and the great blue dragon breathes lightning from his guzzle, one of the characters, a human …