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Eldar is the fantasy setting I created in 2015 to play Dungeons and Dragons in. Year after year, the world has grown, home to numerous adventures my friends and I weave at the game table week after week. 

As a world, Eldar answers the following core question: 

What happens when a world collapses on itself, its surrounding planes shattering and its people warring for supremacy in an age of high magic and volatility?

This page outlines all public information about the world of Eldar, knowledge that is almost certainly canon. Eldar is a world primarily crafted by me, trimmed by my players, a true collaboration of careful craftsmanship, silly improvisation, and pure chance. It has elements of various other worlds, from Eberron to Toril, it ventures into multitudinous themes. The world hosts something for every soul imaginable.

Enjoy your exploration of this primordial, perilous realm, and let me know if you have any questions about it; I love to talk worldbuilding!

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