Ancient are the myriad lands of Eldar, a physical world orbited by intersecting planes of extremity. Its peoples struggle to thrive, some of them survivors of countless cataclysms overseen by diabolical fiends, cruel despots, and accidental villains. Each peak, valley, and people are unique, collections of generations upon generations of growth, destruction, and renewal, with many of them witnessing larger-than-life events championed by heroes of the realm. Your character, dear reader, shall likely become one of these heroes, or something akin to them.

In the past, Eldar was known by many names: Argoth…Farloth…Golgifell. But now, it is called Eldar, Hub of Many Worlds. Welcome.

This page outlines and/or links everything related to the world of Eldar for both players and World Masters.

Lore on the World

Campaign/Adventure Primers

Campaign Compendiums

Campaign Retrospectives

  • The Savage Front, my first foray into Dungeon Mastering a homebrew campaign. It fizzled out fast but taught me and my players loads.
  • The Dead Isles of Altarin, or the story of my very first "real" D&D campaign.
  • The Frozen Expanses of Iskryn, the recap of a campaign that started strong and experienced multiple speed bumps along the way.
  • The Cursed Jungles of Yatar, an inside-look at how a LARGE D&D group might hinder an otherwise awesome outing into the jungle.
  • The Enoach Desert, a campaign with some soaring highs and by far the deepest lows, driven by out-of-game conflict (article in-progress).
  • The Karlith Straits, by far my favorite completed campaign, driven by the interest of the players in their characters and the realm-spanning story they formed.

Fiction About the World