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The Worldforge is a series of articles instructing worldbuilders new and experienced how to construct a setting for Dungeons & Dragons, step by step. And guess what? I'm doing it with you with my homebrew world of Eldar! This page serves as a library for all of the articles, from the recently written article on building a D&D pantheon, to the long-off blog all about molding your world's most infamous villain.

This page will be updated every time an article with the Worldforge tag is posted. Bookmark or favorite it on your browser so you can reference it while making the next best D&D setting!

Article 1: Tenets of D&D Settings

Learn how to construct a few core tenets for your D&D setting, such as how common magic is, where the wilds lie, and how your world is unique.

Article 2: Building a D&D Pantheon - Part 1

It's time to think about the deities of your world, starting with broad questions like, "do they exist?"

Article 3: Building a D&D Pantheon - Part 2

'Tis time to make a deity of your own...or pull a few from pre-existing lore of Earth or another established campaign setting.

Article 4: Building a D&D Pantheon - Part 3

In which we discuss making pantheons for the rest of your world's cultures, adding varying belief systems and religions across your setting, and integrating the divine in your adventures.

Article 5: Making a D&D Setting Map

Make a map for a single continent on your vast, homebrew world!

Article 6: The Major Powers in Your D&D Setting

Create the movers and shakers of your setting. This is the final wide brush before we zoom in...

Article 7: Your D&D Campaign's Starting Point

We're zooming in! Let's create the starting point for a homebrew campaign in your own world.

Article 8: Build With, Not Without, 5E's Books

Let's commence a meta discussion of worldbuilding in fifth edition D&D.

Article 9: Your D&D Setting's Campaign Guide

Let's create a campaign guide for your D&D setting, step by step.

Article 10: Session Starters

Start your session with a bang and learn how to worldbuild live with your players.

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