Golgifell is a continent of harsh realities and beleaguered civilization, recently reinvigorated with a shard of hope. Three decades ago, the last great empire, Eldlan, fell to the predations of far-north minotaur clans, leaving the turbulent peninsula of Farloth as the final bastion of civilization across all of Golgifell. The humans there stand against a tide of ambition and chaos from within and without: greedy royals fight for supremacy over the limited safe lands, ravenous monsters hunt on frontiers for easy prey, and natives across Golgifell attempt to break the monopoly humans have held over them for the past millennia.

Trapped on the dying continent by a massacring dark wall called the Doom, desperate forces churn across Golgifell as the populated land of Farloth succumbs to all manner of battle, aforementioned and not.

This page outlines and/or links everything related to this Eldar-subsetting for both players and Dungeon Masters alike.

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