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Everything began with Eldar. She was my first worldbuilding love. She collected every aspect of fantasy I enjoyed and housed plenty of stories small and large. Alongside my friends and family, I explored Eldar—and will of course return to her again as Caught in Galen continues.

We began in the rocky plains of the Savage Front, fighting goblins and learning how to truly play D&D. Onward we voyaged to the archipelago of Altarin, where we struggled against wererats, undead, and the phenomenon of deus ex machina. Next up was Iskryn, icy and harsh was the land but grand was the tale. Afterward we returned to Altarin, now known as the Karlith Straits, and battled a manipulative goddess. As we end the first ballad of Eldar we adventure in Galen and other planes of existence, uncovering a universe-ending plot and wielding one of the most epic spells known to mortals and gods alike. 

Now we’re here, in Golgifell, my second worldbuilding love and second world where everything is a bit more real and grounded, but consequently more mystical. And if there is anything I’ve learned about worldbuilding in my years of doing it, I know everything is better on a second attempt. Golgifell is my second attempt at a fantasy setting. Here’s to her success, cheers!

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