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Greetings and well met, you're adventuring across RJD20, a living library dedicated to helping people create great games and worlds. I'm RJ, RJD20's Archivist, forever-World Master, and developer of the tabletop roleplaying game Orrery.

Cleanly organized on this page are the 150+ articles posted on RJD20 over the years. It features community favorites, the newest fifteen articles, and the best of each ongoing RJD20 series. 

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Favorite RJD20 Articles

This dynamic group of ten to fifteen articles are either my or the RJD20 community's favorite on the site.

Newest 15 RJD20 Articles

These are the latest set of articles on the site, listed from most recent to most dated.

  1. How to Make a D&D Character, the Ettermot Drous Example
  2. Monster Mash
  3. Dice Fudging and Twist Endings
  4. Why Unbalanced Combat Encounters Can Enhance Your D&D Experience
  5. Unveil the Power of Thief-Like Creatures in D&D Campaigns
  6. The Very Real Possibility and Impact of Microtransactions in One D&D
  7. TTRPGs Need Deep Character Customization
  8. How to Start a Successful Campaign
  9. The First Orrery Playtest is Live!
  10. I'm Making an RPG: Orrery
  11. Do We Want One D&D?
  12. How to Destroy a D&D Party
  13. D&D is the Best Time to Multitask
  14. Wrathful Wizard Monsters
  15. Careful, the Spotlight Can Burn

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Eager For More?

The RJD20 content does not end here, friends and fellow adventurers.

Favorite Legendary Lessons Articles

Legendary Lessons is an ongoing series of Dungeon Master (DM), Game Master (GM), World Master (WM), and Player or Player Character (PC) centric advice articles bolstered and livened by tales and tips from my home games. This series kickstarted the site and was inspired by the legendary Chris Perkins column called the Dungeon Master Experience.

Favorite Musing Over Monsters Articles

Musing Over Monsters is a constantly growing series of monster dissection and discussion posts delving into various creature history, current opinions on them, exciting new uses for them, and beyond. The latest batch of MoM articles fixate on crossing monsters with typical playable classes like Barbarians, Bards, and more.

Favorite Worldforge Articles

Worldforge is a trailblazing series of worldbuilding discussions and concept posts that wander the unlimited universe that is making your own setting. Usually, the articles use my homegrown world of Eldar and its two primary continents, Aelonis and Golgifell, as examples. Sometimes, established Dungeons & Dragons settings like Eberron, the Forgotten Realms, and Exandria feature prominently.

As always, thanks for reading. Please send all inquiries to or leave a comment below.

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