Greetings, fellow adventurers, Dungeon Masters, and worldbuilders!

I'm RJ, creator of rjd20.com, Dungeon Master for life, and lover of worldbuilding. Welcome, welcome; I hope you stay a while, read my latest & oldest articles, respond with comments and critiques, learn about the world's greatest hobby, and come back for more in the future.

My true name (devilish, I know) is Richard Jozef Compton, but I always go by RJ. Currently, I'm a twenty-something man with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science who works at an agency, yet writing, reading, and creating stories is my passion. In 2018, I decided to start writing articles about my experience with the realm's great pastime, Dungeons & Dragons; thus far, it's gone great. Almost every week, I wrack my mind and try to help anyone who decides to spend their time reading my writing be a better Dungeon Master, Player, or purveyor of roleplaying games (especially D&D).

Right now, I have three ongoing series:

Legendary Lessons

Learn about the intricacies of Dungeon Mastering and Playing with the backdrop of an epic story or personal anecdote from my home games.

Musing Over Monsters

Discover the history and many uses of the myriad monsters across the multiverse.


Build a homegrown world alongside me, step by step.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what treasures you find here. May they assist you in whatever adventures you have. If you're interested in my personal story, read on!

My Story

I began playing D&D when I was ten years old. My father, an avid D&D Player and Dungeon Master during the game's earliest years, ran a short adventure for my brother and me: The Burning Plague. I decided to play a kobold sorcerer named Meeko - who was saved by my younger brother, playing a wood elf ranger named Graver. Together, we saved a suffering village from an evil orc shaman who poisoned its water supply. Ever since that mini-quest, I've been absolutely hooked.

There was a small stretch of time where I didn't play. Sure, during summer my friends and their parents would come over and we'd roll some dice, but we didn't play consistently. I tried my hand at Dungeon Mastering once or twice during that period, but there never a perfect storm of inspiration and insight. Instead, a sparse D&D schedule was the norm and I adventured in computer games like Neverwinter Nights and Dungeons and Dragons Online. On offline days, I read D&D sourcebooks older than I was.

Then, D&D fifth edition released, and everything changed. The new edition's release conjured up that perfect storm. As soon as the fifth edition Player's Handbook came out, I rushed to buy it. Soon after, Hoard of the Dragon Queen hit the shelves as well; I bought it. That same day, I contacted all of my childhood D&D pals, as well as my current wife, and told them we were playing D&D that night. We did; and almost every week since then, I've played D&D.

Now, I have tons of experience. I have an entire campaign under my belt, in addition to plenty of one-shots and adventures. Currently, I'm Dungeon Mastering three campaigns: One for my dad, his friends, and their children, another for my college friends, and the final one for my brother, brother-in-law, and wife. On top of that, I've introduced a plethora of new folks to D&D and even inspired some of them to Dungeon Master their own adventures.

The campaigns and adventures I create are all of my own making, in my homegrown world of Eldar. Sure, I borrow the amazing content and hi-jinks made by Wizards of the Coast and all the other incredible creators across the realm but making plots, characters, and locations of my own give me an indescribable feeling. This feeling I get when playing D&D and spreading my knowledge about the game is unlike any other. Using this website, I hope to be able to spread knowledge and tell stories on a much higher level, to a much wider audience.

Contact Me

If you enjoy my content, check out my various social media pages, including:
  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/richardjcompton
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I hope you enjoy the content here at rjd20.com. If you do, spread the word! In time, maybe I'll be alongside the likes of our hobby's greats...thanks to you.


  1. Great stuff! Love all these ideas, especially how to change up an encounter.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my musings.

  2. Look forward to your articles and enjoy them very much, entertaining to say the least.

    This is a great idea to have a dedicated web page, almost like a portal into RJ's incredible imagination, complete with starters, tips and lessons learned that we can all use in our adventures.

    Sweetness indeed, never give up on your passions, and always use your imagination, it keeps you young even when you get old!

    1. That warms my heart. I'm glad you continue to enjoy learning, reading, and playing D&D.

      I won't be stopping anytime soon.


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