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Caught in Galen Lessons: Session 20

My players continue to challenge me every week during Caught in Galen. It’s my current D&D campaign and favorite module I’ve created thus far in my career as a Dungeon Master. Will it continue to be this exciting and informative? I truly hope so. Session 20 was action-packed and rapidly evolved the campaign’s narrative. Let’s catch up and glimpse at what I learned during this session. Of course, these lessons should be applicable to your own game as well. We all learn from each other! Session 20: To Tairox Landing Previously in Caught in Galen, the party decided to follow Strunt through the narrow kobold tunnels that led toward Tairox Landing. Imprisoned allies awaited them there, alongside the mysterious Vaxilidan and a sizable chunk of the Verdant Skull. They were undeterred. Today, I’m trying a different approach to recapping the session. These were its events: The companions crawled through tight kobold tunnels and nearly fell into a huge fissure. They scaled the fissure and fo

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