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Greetings, fellow adventurers!

My name is Richard Jozef Compton, but I usually go by RJ or Dungeon Master for Life.

I'm a college senior getting a Computer Science degree, yet writing is my passion. I've decided to start writing articles about my experiences with the world's greatest pastime, Dungeons and Dragons. Hopefully, this will assist in establishing myself as a writer and a part of the D&D community.

Every, I'll post something D&D related, such as:
  1. General dungeon master and player advice
  2. Excerpts from my campaigns
  3. Adventure ideas
  4. Commentary on the D&D community
  5. Thoughts on new D&D products 
  6. Anything else related to D&D and RPGs 
My biggest inspiration for beginning this weekly blog was (and still is) Chris Perkins. In particular, his 'The Dungeon Master Experience' column that was discontinued a few years ago truly spoke to me.

My Story

As I stated before, I'm a twenty-year-old college student who's going into the tech-field, yet my true passion is writing. I live in southeastern Michigan, have a fiancee who I'm marrying in June, and a bachelor's degree that I should receive in the winter of 2019.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was ten years old. My dad, an avid D&D player himself during its first days, ran a short adventure for my brother and me: The Burning Plague. I decided to be a kobold sorcerer named Meeko who was saved by my brother, an elf ranger named Graver. Together, we saved a small village from an evil orc who was poisoning the water supply. Ever since that adventure, I've been absolutely hooked.

However, there was a stretch of time where I didn't really play. Sure, during the summer my friends and their parents would come over and we'd roll some dice, but we didn't play consistently. I tried my hand at DMing once or twice during that period, but there was never that perfect spark. Instead, I played irregularly, adventured in games like Neverwinter Nights and Dungeons and Dragons Online, as well as read D&D sourcebooks.

Then, Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition was released, and everything changed. The new edition's release caused that perfect spark.

As soon as the 5E Player's Handbook released, I rushed out to buy it. Soon after, Hoard of the Dragon Queen released as well, and I bought the book. That very day, I contacted all of my childhood D&D buddies, as well as my fiancee (then girlfriend), and told them we were playing D&D that night.

We did, and almost every week since August 2014, we've gathered around a table to play the world's greatest roleplaying game: Dungeons and Dragons.

Now, I have an entire campaign under my belt, as well as many oneshots and adventures. I'm currently DMing my second campaign while running oneshots and adventures for players other than my main home group. On top of that, I've introduced many new people to D&D and even inspired some of them to dungeon master their own adventures.

The feeling I get when playing D&D and spreading knowledge about the game is unlike any other. Hopefully, with this blog, I'll be able to spread knowledge and tell stories on a much higher level, to a much wider audience.

Contact Me

If you enjoy my content, check out my various pages on social media, including:
  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/richardjcompton
  2. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DNDWriter/
  3. LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-compton-6b2696106/
  4. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RJD20/
Or take a gander at my homegrown campaign setting, Aelonis: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gxuWoYmN62n6OmzfX16yBP_CjhZCxd3j2InRmc6dZoA/edit?usp=sharing

I hope you enjoy the content here at rjd20.com; if you do, spread the word! Maybe, one day, I'll be alongside the likes of Chris Perkins, Laura Hickman, Kate Welch, and Gary Gygax.

Until next time, fare thee well!


  1. Great stuff! Love all these ideas, especially how to change up an encounter.


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