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The 2020 Plan

It's over, it's done. After a wild ride beginning in my wee years, I've finally finished my formal education and entered the work-force forever. I graduated from college a week and a half ago, Computer Science degree in-hand, and now I'm dedicated to my wife, job, and hobbies full-time. Farewell, learning! I'm only kidding. Formal education is temporary, learning is forever. Anyways, I've been silent since the start of my final exam studying period, but that won't last much longer. During my time in the shadows, I've been preparing my 2020 plan for , which includes a new article every week for all 52 weeks of that year. It's exciting, I'm excited, but am I prepared? Of course. I'm dedicated to growing this lovely website week-by-week, day-by-day, and with school out of the way, that'll become much easier. 2020 will be a fantastic year. As Dungeons and Dragons fans, we have a completely mysterious time ahead of us. Wha