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Welcome to RJD20, a website dedicated to helping Dungeon Masters and Players create and play the best D&D game they can.

Organized below are the many articles written here over the years, though if you'd like to simply peruse the entire selection you can follow this link. Opposite that, if you know exactly what you're looking for, go ahead and use the search window on the right side of the site.

Please enjoy your visit and get active in the comments, even on older articles. I read and respond to every single one.

Favorite RJD20 Articles

Best Legendary Lessons Articles

Legendary Lessons is an ongoing series of DM and player advice articles bolstered by usually epic, sometimes heartbreaking tales from my home campaigns.

Best Musing Over Monsters Articles

Musing Over Monsters is an ongoing series of monster dissection articles that delve into the creature's history, current opinions on them, and exciting new uses for them in Dungeons and Dragons games and worlds.

Best Worldforge Articles

Worldforge is an ongoing series of worldbuilding tip and idea articles that explores the facets of creating the world you play TTRPGs in and sometimes ponders on the philosophies behind the entire ordeal.

RJD20's Campaign Setting: Eldar

I run D&D/other TTRPGs in my homebrew world of Eldar, which I house on RJD20. Explore it for even more inspiration!

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