The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the 5e Dungeons and Dragons Feywild Book

2021 is D&D 5e's busiest year in awhile, with the release of five books, including its first Feywild-themed expansion and adventure, titled The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! This expansive book will join other excellent releases this year such as Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, and Candlekeep Mysteries, and provide players and Dungeon Masters with a colorful addition to numerous campaigns in the form of fey and Feywild knowledge.

This article outlines what is arriving with The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and speculates on what else might be coming inside it.

Confirmed Content for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

  • Releases September 21, 2021
  • Primary Contributors
    • Art Director: Kate Irwin
    • Game Designer: Ari Levitch
    • Game Design Architect: Chris Perkins
    • Map Artists: Stacey Allan, Will Doyle
  • Level 1-8 Adventure Centered in the Feywild
    • This is the first adventure set entirely in the Feywild for 5e D&D.
  • Prismeer, a Domain of Delight
    • The adventure focuses around the missing archfey ruler of this Domain of Delight.
  • Poster Map of Prismeer and the Witchlight Carnival
    • There will be plenty of maps in the book, no other poster maps though.
  • Expanded Information on the Plane of Faerie, AKA the Feywild
    • Information about various domains, a few archfey, and many denizens (both native and intruders) of the Feywild.
  • The Witchlight Carnival
    • The carnival serves as a fey crossing.
    • Rife with mischievous, charming, and wild denizens.
  • Two New Races
    • Fairy - a race of tiny fey.
    • Harengon - a race of humanoid rabbits or rabbitfolk.
  • Two New Backgrounds
    • The Feylost - a background for those lost in the Feywild as a youngster.
    • The Witchlight Hand - a background for workers in the eccentric Witchlight Carnival.
  • Open-Ended Encounters
  • Classic 1980s D&D Characters
    • Warduke - an evil, strong character from the Greyhawk D&D setting.
    • Strongheart - a paladin and former friend of Warduke.
    • Kelek - an evil wizard from D&D's ancient past.
Carnival Map, Stacey Allan and Will Doyle, 2021 Wizards of the Coast


The Feywild is a splendid locale for D&D adventures, somewhere creators may let ideas flow and spectacular characters thrive. TWBTW will be the most nutty D&D 5e product yet. Especially with Chris Perkins as a writer on this project and the art seen in this video, I presume we're in for an absolutely incredible ride. 

I predict the following:

  • A slew of raucous characters, ranging from downright silly to edgy, shady, mysterious vagabonds of the fey world's twilit woods and dark glades
  • More information on the archfey, particularly the heads of the Summer Court and Gloaming Court
  • Plenty of new fey monsters, hopefully some higher challenge rating ones
  • Many new locales unique to the Feywild to inspire countless adventures
  • A couple magic items related to the Feywild, perhaps some materials unique to the plane as well
  • A host of compelling villains to draw ideas from
  • An expansion of the time travel rules currently attached to the Feywild in D&D 5e via the Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Well-crafted maps of various locations in the Feywild, done by Will Doyle and Stacey Allan
All that and more may come true, though unlikely. However, I can dream. I'm sure I'll be satisfied with whatever we get in this flashy fey book.

Displacer Beast, Kai Carpenter, 2021 Wizards of the Coast

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As a fan of the fey, I'll be releasing a few pieces on RJD20 about them before the Wild Beyond the Witchlight hits.

Until the next encounter, stay creative!

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Art in Order of Appearance

All art is from the Wild Beyond the Witchlight.
  • Witchlight Owner and Jester, Robson Michel, 2021 Wizards of the Coast
  • Carnival Map, Stacey Allan and Will Doyle, 2021 Wizards of the Coast
  • Displacer Beast, Kai Carpenter, 2021 Wizards of the Coast


  1. Looks cool, glad they are pumping out content for us to peruse...

    1. As am I, though I am far more excited for Fizban's Treasury of Dragons!