The End of Eldar and the Beginning of Golgifell

After years of breathing life into fantasy characters and realms, I'm finally creating life in the real world. My wife is pregnant with our first child, a little girl, and she is due in March 2022! The aura surrounding her inception and the news of her impending arrival rightly took up much of my mind's time the past few months, not striking down D&D from my long-list of hobbies, but surely keeping me from writing anything of interest here on RJD20. That won't persist, RJD20 will live on for as long as it's able, and I'll continue to write here...however sporadic it might be.

Let's briefly catch up.

The End of Eldar, For Now

Currently, I'm running two campaigns. One remains in the world of Eldar, my old, high magic setting where anything is possible. Caught in Galen is nearing its end, somewhat unnaturally, due to my interest in other settings and stories. Over the past few months, there was a shift in my mind set when it comes to telling stories. Limiting aspects in my games is more appealing to me, especially with the groups I play with; I'm certain it will lead to a more compelling story, as are my players. With that, Caught in Galen will end by March of next year and my new world shall continue to grow, alongside my young child.

The Start of a New World: Golgifell

The Rise of the Giants, a brief campaign in Eldar, experienced a world-shift as I took on the role of a Watcher-like entitity and whisked the group away to a completely different universe. From Eldar to Golgifell they went, touring Abeir-Toril, Eberron, Nepeara, and other worlds along the way (very briefly). Golgifell is my new setting, the first I've truly formed in over six years, and it extremely different when compared to Eldar. While Eldar is high magic, welcoming to all, and home to world-shaking event after world-shaking event, stories on Golgifell are meant to be smaller, more bite-sized with rarer interactions with the arcane and divine. As a result, Rise of the Giants has been rebranded as the South Shards, a West Marches style campaign in the world of Golgifell. After Caught in Galen, my next campaign will also take place in Golgifell and I'll continue to hone this new setting. Ideally, this process will arrive with a host of new articles and bits of advice as I radically shift not only the setting I've presented to my players for years, but my style of Dungeon Master. Time will tell, but I am quite excited for it.

Eldar will eventually return, of course, but it might appear quite different depending on the ultimate conclusion of Caught in Galen. I'm anxious to see how that campaign will end, especially after a near total party kill in the last session I ran of it.

To the Future

And that's it, for now. Summarized: I am expecting a new addition to my family in March 2022, I'm still playing D&D, and I'm still worldbuilding. Articles on RJD20 will continue to be sporadic for the time being, but will appear. Be on the lookout, you never know when one will arrive! Perhaps that is disconcerting, but it's the truth for now.

Looking to the future, I'm satisfied. I hope all your lives are going well, too. Continue growing and adventuring, folks.

Until the next encounter, farewell!

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