Hopping Between Worlds

One world need not be all you work on or play in. In fact, hopping between worlds has done wonders for my creativity and desire to play and write about Dungeons & Dragons. My last article discussed the need for me to move on from Eldar to explore Golgifell, my lower-magic, more intimate setting. However, that's not been the order of things...in the slightest. 

My current Eldar campaign, Caught in Galen, continues on, wacky, full of time-travel, epic spells, interdimensional baddies, "common" legendary magic items, incredibly powerful characters, and other aspects that thrive in that high magic world. Alongside it runs two campaigns in Golgifell, pursuing almost entirely the antonym of all that Eldar stands for.

And it's a blast.

Hopping between Eldar and Golgifell has freed my mind, creatively. Whenever I'm stuck crafting encounters or pondering over lore in Eldar, I skip on over to my other setting and construct something cool there. Its effect on my mind? Relaxing. Invigorating. Boggling, truly. After a bit of building on Golgifell, I'm hammered with ideas for Eldar!

Usually, people talk about perusing other works of fiction when you're stuck at a spot in creating your own. Cannot think of an interesting plot thread for your party as they sail from island to island, all overrun with bloodthirsty demons? View a few of the Pirates of the Caribbean for inspiration (preferably 1 and 2). Need a lesson on meaningful monologues and ancient prophecies? Well, gently open your copy of Dune and start reading!

With this tactic, I go between my own worlds when I'm frozen, unable to form new ideas. Almost always, the thought-stopping ice melts and I'm good to go. If I'm still unable to craft anything interesting or dramatic, other works are there, ready to go.


  1. Good advice. I think it definitely helps to have a couple different settings active. I currently GM a Forgotten Realms (low power sandbox!) Primeval Thule (high power S&S!) and Odyssey of the Dragonlords (Epic Fantasy) game, what does not work in one surely will in another. And reskinning is easy as they're all 5e - a campaign ending megaboss in #1 makes a nice three-session mini-boss in #2.

    1. Completely true. I hadn't even considered reskinning encounters that ended up not working in one campaign to occur in the other. Great idea!