The OGL Fiasco is Over, Presently

By RJ on 27 January 2023.

After about three weeks of absolute chaos in the broader tabletop roleplaying game and Dungeons & Dragons community, today Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro backed down. Forevermore, the existing open game license will be applicable to all current and past D&D content. Everything in the D&D SRD is published under Creative Commons, there's no more pursuit of a vicious virtual tabletop policy, and there's no need for third-party publishers to fear...for now.

While plenty of damage was done to Wizards of the Coast and D&D, it worked out for the community. Tens of thousands of D&D players are looking into other tabletop roleplaying games and systems, hundreds of third-party publishers united against a greater foe, and I even began to design my own RPG!

After their complete reversal on the OGL and establishment of its future protection, I shall support Wizards of the Coast and broader D&D products in the future as long as the quality is there. Our protest worked, they responded, and we won.

It's good to win sometimes. It feels good to force a billion-dollar company to change.

For the first time since this debacle began, I'm positively shocked and looking forward to the future of D&D. Even if I dislike the current course of the system, I'd still like to be able to try and play it in good conscience. I can now.

Good work, TTRPG community, good work.

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  1. Coin does drive the business community, they did learn the power of the purse string...

    1. Indeed they did. Let's see how they choose to monetize the next edition, though :)