I'm Focusing on a New Space

By RJ on 9 June 2023.

I’m focusing on a new space.

Since 2018, I’ve consistently posted new articles and blog posts on RJD20.com about Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. While it was surely a passionate pursuit, the opportunity to transform it into something more always flipped around in the back of my mind: waiting, lurking, festering. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it work.

Last month, though, I discovered a new opportunity in a new medium: YouTube. My channel, Talkative Tri, kind of blew up.

Focused around the action roleplaying game Path of Exile (think Diablo but way more complex), I managed to find an audience and grow the channel substantially in the past month with consistent new videos that took the same amount of effort I put into my articles for years and years. In less than a month, I’ve amassed far more subscribers, 15x more comments, and almost half the views I’ve ever had on RJD20.com. My community is already engaging with me constantly, on and off the channel, I have five incredibly supportive members, the channel is monetized, and the reception is...positive. Even the negative comments make me snort and chuckle, if anything.

It’s mind-blowing. I love it. It’s something that seems to have the potential to grow if I keep at it, and I plan on doing that.

That means something must be sacrificed. That’s new consistent content on RJD20.com. When inspiration strikes, new posts shall arrive, but for the foreseeable future, it’s going to host all the current articles and serve as an archive that around 500 people wander through per day. Thank you all for your support the past five years.

I implore you, if you enjoyed my D&D writing or creations in general, check out the following and see if any of it appeals to you.

Again, thank you for all your support in the past, in the present, and, hopefully, in the future.

Until the next encounter, fare thee well!

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