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Impossible Situations are Great

The most recently finished arc of my campaign pitted my players and their characters against multiple impossible situations. Each scenario was highly successful. They raised the stakes, challenged both players and PC's, deeply impacted the story, and grew the lore of my world and the PC's connection to it. DM's who balance encounters via the Dungeon Master's Guide tenets will rarely commit this action, and I think their games will suffer. Why? Impossible situations are great. Miraculously, my group of level six adventurers defeated a crazed ancient gold dragon. Of course, they didn't do it alone. Alongside allies they won over: a small circle of powerful druids, an airship armed with elemental and infernal power, and an archdevil inhabiting a white dragon wyrmling's body, they survived. Against all odds, my disparate party of level seven companions overcame the horrors of an Unholy Avenger of Orcus. This was possible due to expert planning and a terribly risky

Break the Rules with Magic Items

Fellow dungeoneer or Dungeon Master, why do you and your players enjoy Dungeons & Dragons ? Is it the shared story-telling experience? How about the thrill of defeating a megalomaniacal lich hells-bent on continental domination (or death)? Perhaps it's the complexity of the rules or the relaxed gameplay they allow? Maybe you all just enjoy being together. Personally, I enjoy D&D because of the snap shot moments it allows; those special seconds when your players' faces illuminate with joy, contort in terror, or scrunch in victory. I also enjoy it because of the freedom intrinsic in the game. I break the rules all the time and love doing it. I do it most often with magic items and it's great. If you haven't, try to make some magic items of your own. Use the previously existing items as guidelines and let your mind go wild. Explore new possibilities. Craft something unique. Don't be afraid to make it overpowered or underpowered. If the item evokes something ins

Let's Catch Up With Caught in Galen: Sessions 21-40

It’s been awhile since an article has hit RJD20, but I’ve not halted playing Dungeons & Dragons one bit. Work is taxing, life after it must be relaxing, and so I only enter the archives of RJD20 when I can safely juggle the exhaustion of work and the thrilling task of writing. As you can likely tell, I was recently able to walk into the archives. Before we get back to other D&D topics like why this game is such a thrill and how it can fuse connections between absolutely anyone, let’s catch up with my favorite D&D campaign I’ve run thus far: Caught in Galen. Rapid Fire Rundown If you'd like to see a breakdown of the campaign in a concise manner, look over the Caught in Galen Campaign Compendium . Otherwise, continue below! Session 21: The Submerged Path The companions reunited with Argus, battled a spider roper, socialized with kuo-toa, and discovered the site of dark elf cannibalization. The combat encounter was the primary part of this session, as well as the developm