The Next Orrery Playtest Document is Out: Goblins!

By RJ on 27 January 2023.

The latest Orrery public playtest document just hit the RJD20 Patreon. This time, we are building on the foundation of the core rules, character creation, and combat essentials with the drop of fourteen unique goblin monsters. Collectively, this is the goblin pack.

In Orrery, monsters in the eventual Monster Book will be split up into packs. These packs will contain a wide variety of this specific type of monster to use in your Orrery campaigns. Ideally, they might even inspire you to wield monsters in exciting ways in other TTRPGs, too! Plenty of the information within, whether it's lore, creature names, or abilities are system agnostic. 

Aside from packs, there will also be individual monsters like phoenixes or basilisks. Kobolds, orcs, giants, and the focus of this playtest, goblins, though? They'll all have packs!

The goblins are waiting for you. Become a Rat and support RJD20 for at least $1 per month to get access to the goblin monster pack and the core Orrery rules. Next week, I'm aiming to release a few solo monsters. Two to three weeks from now, we'll have the second iteration of the core Orrery rules. 

Regardless, new Orrery content and more will drop every Friday on Patreon.

All support is welcome.

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